Reality Dawns for the West and for Taiwan

A Polish Cartoon:

“Go on, kick him, I’ll protect you”

We are entering a new period where the actual meaning of NATO membership – indeed the lack of meaning – is being clearly demonstrated. Does anyone seriously think, as they seem to have thought before, that the Western nuclear powers would press the button to defend the small states on its fringe? Not a bit of it. Even with a POTUS of resolve and integrity that was never going to happen. With the POTUS we do have the danger from the lunatic fringe around him makes the situation unstable, but the thought of a hypersonic egg over the White House will I think deter such adventurism.

All the hyperventilation by the legacy media aimed at keeping the focus of our people away from dealing with the real enemy we face will not alter that fact.

So the decades-long bluff has already been called by events. And we can therefore make a reasonable prediction that the fate of Taiwan has now moved to centre stage. I do not think the PRC will lose any time in requiring Taiwan to become part of China irrespective of US or Japanese opposition. Taiwan would do well to recognise the political reality unless it is determined to suffer alone.

By posturing and lies the West has squandered the real opportunity the break-up of the Soviet Union offered for a harmonious development of Europe with a Russian partner, and has pushed Russia and China into an alliance that is intrinsically unstable.

That the WEF has members still in leadership positions in this crisis or at all, when it is truly a terrorist organisation is a terrifying spectacle. It is this organisation and its associates that are the enemy of ordinary human beings everywhere.