Remembrance Day

The Cenotaph on Sunday last was not simply a shame, it was a profound disgrace, and a metaphor for the cowardly lying contempt for the British people that has been, and is daily, demonstrated by the low-grade creatures in government and the media who have brought this criminal conspiracy to our island.
I am very glad that my father and his generation who fought and gave their lives to prevent the motions of a fascist regime are not alive to see our own so-called conservative administration bidding so fair to join that small demonic group of regimes that are guilty of great crimes against humanity. We are heading down a darkening road, with corpses created by Johnson and his friends already lining the way. We must recognise that the only pandemic we face is one of megalomaniac greed and corruption. It will take all our strength to defeat it, but with the shining examples of our forebears to inspire us we shall do so.