Revisiting the MSM is a Surreal Experience

The first months of 2020 were, for anyone accustomed to independent thought, a bizarre period. It suddenly became clear, within days that, right around the world, the paid media had started to chorus, in close disharmony, a catastrophist narrative about a conoravirus that had very shortly before been described as no threat at all. It was almost as quickly clear that any dissent from the shrill script would not find publication.

Within a very brief time it became clear to me that something sinister indeed was afoot, and a seminal early moment for me was when the eminent epidemiologist Kurt Wittkovski’s rational and civilised debunking of what was being touted so frantically was attacked viciously and his opinion banned by Google, among the first of thousands of such evil censorship. As the BBC entered the lists with uncritical and obvious propaganda, I came to the conclusion, with thousands of others, that the public could overall expect nothing but lies from the political and social commentary right across the paid media.

We are, many of us still, taught not to listen to liars; it is a waste of energy. The truth of that shone bright over the vapourings of all the thousands of media outlets parroting the fear filth of those who pay them. So I have not listened or watched any MSM news or social commentary outlets since the spring of 2020. The only exception was my commentary on the columns of the Daily Telegraph, which I maintained entirely to raise a dissenting voice. The Telegraph persistently censored me and others and finally banned me entirely about three months ago.

Over the eighteen months or so, the overall feeling I have experienced as a result has been one of relief, and an increasing delight that after a slow start so very many people are now taking the same view, with a consequent development of new media outlets, some of which are already powerfully subscribed by thousands.

Today, I wondered what, if anything, the MSM would report about the London protest at the weekend, so over my boiled eggs I looked at the Telegraph’s front page. It was a surreal experience. No word of the protest. Plenty of catastrophism there, but all reporting the governments continued efforts to destroy our society and economy with their “incompetence” over energy and fuel supplies. And never a word about the emergence of the truly poisonous nature of the “vaccines”, the soaring death rates arising from them, and the destruction of the immune system and other health functions of millions. For anyone who thinks these things are happenchance it’s time to get real.

For the Telegraph, the BBC and the rest, they want you to think it’s business as usual while the fox is in the henhouse and there are dead chickens, in the form of our fellow citizens, already piled up across the land.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans