RFK Outlines the Threat to Us and The Solution

The case against Gates and Fauci and their backers is succinctly stated by Robert F Kennedy Jnr in this interview abount his book the Real Anthony Fauci.

In massive detail, with over 2000 footnotes referencing his statements, RFK sets out what is happening. His book, shunned by the media, has been for several weeks at the top of the best-seller lists, and all proceeds are going to Children’s Health Defence. The headlines of his analysis are set out here.

His solution is I am sure spot on and, too, his optimism that humanity will prevail. We need to spread the word on an individual basis to those we know and those we meet. As if you’re under 60 you are now known to be twice as likely to die if you are jabbed it is not a difficult proposition to communicate.