Russian Humour

Irony is not as lost on the Evil Empire as it is in Washington.


The Russians are solemnly intoning that Biden’s reputation hinges upon the success to the Zelensky so-called counter-offensive, the appearance of which is strongly reminiscent of Marlene Deitrich’s “positively final” appearances.

This is a remarkable coup by the Russians as here in the benighted world of mass media mendacity of the West, despite the parasites’ tedious efforts, it was not generally known that the Drooler had any reputation at all. That this is to be remedied by the simple expedient of arranging the deaths of a mass more Ukrainians shows the searing moral and intellectual assets that are leading our oh-so-free world!

The population of Ukraine has dropped by as much as 50% since the filth started their adventure in provocation in 2014. It will be interesting to see as history reveals fact to replace fantasy how many of those are directly related to this tragic rodomontade of the gangsters running the place.