Science Traduced

By Joss Wynne Evans

In 2013, Rupert Sheldrake gave a TED talk, since viewed by millions, which was immediately banned by TED and was reposted as a result of the massive outcry resulting. The scientific establishment cried Sheldrake up as a heretic and the editor of Nature said his books should be burned. Galileo must still be spinning in his grave!

In considering what is happening to the world today, Rupert’s experience was a bellwether for the way in which things were moving. It was a stimulating and entertaining talk at the time. In the context today of the open defilement of science by the complacent scientism which is being peddled to an anxious and trusting population by well-paid and ignorant people and institutions it is a now a powerful metaphor.

If you understand the mindset that moved to ban this truly original thinker from communicating his experience you can understand the mindset of one of the main instruments employed by the Virus Fraud. I post the link to the 18 minute talk here:

It has become clear, to me at least, that at the heart of this, the disease of Scientism, has been the profound corruption of the public health milieu in the United States, a sickness that has polluted most of the other western states, and certainly the United Kingdom. It is a process that has happened over decades, in ways that I and others have written about extensively here and elsewhere, and some of the result has been:

  • to produce a public health governance regime in the CDC and the FDA that actually owns and sells its own drugs and injectates, and that has procured immunity of liability from Congress since the eighties for manufacturers of vaccines on the grounds that to do otherwise would prevent their development,
  • to corrupt control of research funding and facilities and exclude independent and eminent dissenting minds by controlling research and institutions with $6.1 bilion dispensed by Fauci and his cohorts annually.
  • to the vilification of a large number of the best scientific minds of our time, who reject this corruption, including eminent professors and Nobel prize winners.
  • Prescription drugs are now the third greatest cause of death in the US
  • to over 70 injectates being pumped into young bodies today against one tenth of that number in 1980,
  • to the health outcomes of the 99.75% of Americans with vaccines being proven materially and incontrovertibly worse than the 0.025% without vaccines.
  • to most science journals having been corrupted such that research papers that do not conform are excluded.

The regime has over time developed the spurious concept that certain propositions approved by it are mandated and must be believed. Belief has no place in the inquiring ethos of science, which is strictly hypothesis and evidence-based. It’s that simple and is the basis of scientific integrity.

The two most glaring mandated beliefs of our time are the suggestions that HIV causes Aids, and that the CV19 virus exists as a threat to humanity, neither of which have ever been proven as a scientist or an honest man such as Kary Mullis or you or me would understand the term (though there is an ocean of bullshit to surf on the subject!) Both of these beliefs, -and there are many others, as Rupert Sheldrake expressed it so well, – have provided a cash cow of billions for bad people and suffering for millions. Fear is stock in trade for these bad actors, who use many people specialising in what we now call psy-ops and what Goebbels knew as propaganda, and probably thousands have died of fear alone from both these frauds.

But while the principal actors are certainly criminals, it is the well-to-do middle class professional grouping, thinking of itself as scientific, the thousands of medical professionals accustomed to the quasi-reverent respect of the people at large, who need to look very hard indeed at themselves. There are many of these today who, while expressing the wholesome sentiments of people looking after people, are also, by their supine compliance, encouraging crimes against humanity. Anyone giving or recommending one of the present injectates or telling a new mother that her baby needs AZT is in just that position, and is, unless they are criminal themselves, guilty of acceptance of mandated beliefs – a voluntary ignorance. Even asking someone else to wear a mask against the dreaded Virus is unpardonable ignorance. Ignorance because they are known to be useless and, worn for any length of time, harmful. Unpardonable because it seeks to impose fear and ignorance on others and moves forward the aims of those who will try to enslave them as well as the people they are letting down  if the conspiracy,- no theory this,- succeeds in its goal of global tyranny.

20th July 2021