“Settled Science.” The Mantra of Evil Men and Never Scientists

It does amaze me to see how many of those who see through the bloody, murderous lies and nonsense of the Virus Fraud are, despite this experience, clinging to the global warming “settled science” even though many of its proponents are well known as Global Shifters of the Virus.

It is exactly the same breed of scam, worked for exactly the same motives, by most of the same people, with the same arrogance and hubris, and of course contempt for the “cattle” they aim to enslave. Somehow, despite all the screeching, the planet is still here, as I look out on a chilly autumnal day, and it is somehow ignoring the self-hating and delusional ranting. The opportunity to make trillions from the rubbish is a powerful driver, and you can try to convince me, by lies and fraudulent science (now what does that remind me of?), that the planet is the enemy of my body, and that my presence is the enemy of the planet, but you will have to do a hell of a lot better than the infantile stuff we have become accustomed to hearing.

Unless you are God, science is never settled and the great scientists are notable for the humility that hypothesis and debate as a way of life necessarily imposes. Of course if you think you’re God then it may be slightly different!

How we have allowed the breed of creepy eugenicist psychos to acquire either the wealth or the status they have grabbed is actually the lesson we need to fully absorb as we now acquire a full understanding of, and deal with, their murderous, grubby ambitions. Time to get real.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans