Shame on the Priests and Pharisees Who Counsel Poison.

No man has the right to ignorance, and especially so when they hold themselves out to others as a source of moral or spiritual guidance.

The evidence that the injectates being pressed on humanity are not only useless but actually toxic and are causing Immune deficiency in those who are victims – for that is what they are – is becoming increasing stark and clear. It is quite likely that 100% loss of natural immunity is going to develop for the victims over the next months. The metrics are becoming alarming with a sudden rise of deaths among vaccinated from causes that are not determined.

Keeping your job in a world where such a threat is the reality is secondary, a sane man would suggest, to the importance of staying alive, keeping your family alive, and joining hands to defeat the evil that presently circles the Earth in a thin but toxic belt of malignity.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans