Spit Out the Hook of Tribalism!

If you still believe that Left/Right tribalism has any relevance to what is happening it is likely that you yourself are part of the problem. Left/Right slogans are music to the ears of Mr Global, who wants to steal the silver from the table while the diners are squabbling. It is music the enemy have tuned to such a high level of distortion that is is amazing that ordinary otherwise intelligent people still swallow the hook. It is also a major threat to us all.

The party political polarisation we have all complained of getting worse and worse over recent decades is a direct result of the manipulation of mass media by Mr Global, a phenomenon now brazenly clear to all but the most determined of illusions.

We need to get back to basics, – the the most elemental drivers of political discussion, – the cosmic eternal tension between Chaos and Order, demonstrated so beautifully by the line dividing the symbol of the Yin and Yang. To be able to navigate that line, balancing chaos and order, is the goal. Neither is evil, neither is good – the words have no meaning in that context.

As humans we tend during our lives to lean to one or other side of the line, but if we forget the fundamental nature of these forces as the building blocks of our world we make serious error. Mr Global and his friends disguise them as pantomime figures of good and evil. Mr Global invests the slavish adherence to Order with the hollow concepts of the collective, gaudy with the false virtue opium of identity politics, to trap idle minds into abdicating their sovereign individuality for the warm fuzzy feeling of being part of something good, when it is so frequently for quite the opposite. It is clear that the sovereignty of the individual is not a product of Chaos, however much the bad guys play that falsity.

When you call Tories/Republicans or Labour/Democrats bad people you are fighting Mr Global’s campaign. Most of us are well intentioned humans with our own opinions, if we care to find them. They deserve respect from our fellows, if not agreement. That is not the agenda for Mr Global.

So, please, let every person recognise that to feel uncomfortable just now, with the threat to the very existence of civilisation in front of us, is the only healthy sensation. In that recognition truly will be the downfall of the enemy.