Stop Debating Liars and Murderers.

Those of us who oppose the Hideous Strength of Mr Global need, I think, to pause for a moment and exert some discipline on our own conduct, because events have moved on, and if we fail to adapt to the new reality we will waste our energy and empower the enemy.

It is one of the axiomatic convictions of democracy that disagreement among the citizens is to be debated. That I may hate what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it, is one of the cornerstones of democratic freedom. It is a high water mark in civilisation.

But such civilized process requires there to be respect on the part of all for the rule of law, and indeed the adherence to truth that we sometimes define as integrity. The appearance of persons who give zero shits for either the rule of law or integrity as they apply to them has results just like a fox getting in to a henhouse.

Mt Global is a fox of exceptional cunning. He has created a vast global network of paid liars and bad actors to implement a wide range of actions aimed at taking over not only the henhouse but the whole farm. His propaganda churns out endless fatuous debates and creates extensive disputatious issues, from erzatz racial confrontion to global warming, from collectivist identity politics to world plague.

And we eagerly jump into debate on these matters. From fervent tribal party politics to arguments over natural immunity we are battering only our own selves. We have yet fully to notice and act on what has only in the last few weeks become proven fact –

  • that the injectates are seriously harmful in at least three ways. They inflame cardiac tissue, they cause blood clotting and they contain at least one known toxin, graphene oxide.
  • that those promoting and delivering the jabs are well aware the forseeability of such harm
  • that those promoting them have been suppressing use of effective flu treatments and the damage so far.
  • that so far despite more than 250,000 deaths directly attributable to the jabs and many many thousands of injuiries there has been not even a discussion about a moratorium

With those facts known, we need to stop any discussions on any other matters with the perpetrators or their media slaves, on any subject whatever, until they have faced a properly constituted criminal court. No government or individual that recommends the jabs is anything but criminally reckless at the lowest estimate.