Switch Them Off.

For me and for many others the most dramatic and bizarre phenomenon of a dramatic and bizarre period of our lives was the period from January to March 2020. Without any warning the whole world experienced a tsunami of screeching catastrophism from the paid news media and government news organisations. It was seamless in its volume and in its geographical spread. It was relentless in its pumping out of the contagion myth and designed to terrify rather than inform. For that period no dissenting comment or response was allowed at all. It was Goebbels reimagined on a world scale.

The strategem enjoyed a good deal of success both in frightening ordinary people, and in intimidating governments that showed any inclination to independent judgment.

As the spring progressed and lockdowns were introduced, a policy of “controlled debate” replaced the total commentary blackout and has been in place with varying degrees of sophistication ever since. By diverting popular focus on to endless discussion about the rebranded flu virus and the cod science promoted by the conspirators, about the wide variety of “woke” non-subjects, the evergreen encouragement of excoriation of other countries, racial groupings and the infantile global warming fraud, we have all been steered away from focussing on the greatest crime against our species that has ever been attempted, and which has already ended or damaged millions of lives.

This has, none of it, been done with anything less than brazen insolence. Dissent is censored, attacked or ignored wholesale. And unsurprisingly a very high percentage of ordinary people (well over half everywhere) now regard the media as the enemy of the people.

The result has been the birth of a new news media propagated by freedom-loving people, and as time passes, the sophistication of the Free Media is growing. It cannot come quickly enough, as hitherto the widespread anger among ordinary people, like me and like you, has felt beleagured by the isolation of the wall of lies. That is now ending. The world-wide rejection of the megalomania of the small and evil grouping who are trying to kill billions and enslave the rest of us is now gathering the force of Nemesis. White-hot righteous anger will not be assuaged save by the destruction of the evil that has already killed so many.

In the meantime, if against the evil, one should stop listening to its lying news output at all. It is easy to do, and there are other sources now to choose from. Ignore the liars and ignore their masters. Defy the whole panoply of fear and cold ambition of the creatures, and clamour for their arrraignment in all our jurisdictions for the racketeering which is the Virus Fraud.