“Terrorism” in Kazakhstan and Biden’s Drum


The vocabulary of the globalist media is nothing if not predictable. The events of the last month in Kazakhstan, as far as is discernible, are that the people have in effect defenestrated their autocratic regime and its cohorts and put them under arrest in two designated locations. The prospects for the future of those people does not look rosy.

This spectacle is exactly the one calculated to strike terror into the hearts of all the creatures in governments around the world who have been working the greatest fraud in history upon ordinary people. And so for such criminals to regard them with terror is absolutely appropriate, but the use of the word terrorism applies to them and not to the people, whether in Kazakhstan or Brompton Road.

It is fervently to be hoped that we in the UK and elsewhere in the west will be able to deal with our own miscreants by the rule of our ancient laws; there are some encouraging signs in this respect.

In the meantime it is high on the criminals’ agenda to attempt to distract us by screaming for war against Russia, or indeed, I expect, anyone else who is handy. Biden’s abject weakness and his masters’ ruthless determination on war as an engine of profit and self-protection are the first time in my lifetime when aggression by the west has become overt at the nuclear level. Weak men are dangerous.

We must recognise that Biden is close to getting Europe into war where Hillary Clinton failed, thanks to the sure instinct of the American voters, and we should call bullshit long and loud on the pathetic attempt to show the US as a protector of Ukrainian freedom. It has shown itself to be precisely the opposite.