The Bagfuls of Money

Paul Craig Roberts, the distinguished America commentator and ex Secretary under Reagan explains:

“The West, of course, is Washington.  The rest of the Western world reports to Washington, as I learned from a US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. “How,” I asked him, “do we get the other countries to do what we want?”  “Money,” he replied. “You mean foreign aid?”  “No, we give the leaders bagfuls of money.  They report to us.  We own them”

Today we hear that Ursula, the smirking lady of the EU, has been “Honored” by receipt from the Gates organisations of an unspecified prize for keeping goal on Gates’s ambitious injectate philanthropy a curious position for someone supplying cash for these tonics to the human frame and keeping shtum about the contract details.

The western world has been taken over wholesale by corruption.

It is regarded as a bargain to be able to command a country by shoving say $20m into offshore accounts for a few thousand individuals to form a club from which there is no departure. If you have the priorities of the parasite class who are trying to rule the world that is a no-brainer!

The main reason psychopaths get away with so much before they are caught is because it’s very hard for ordinary little people like us to imagine behaving in the way these people do.

But sooner or later we get it, and that is the moment that terrifies the Black Hats. It is on the way, even if they reduce us to glowing rubble in the process, and we will evntually prevail.