The Biggest Expansion of State Power in Living Memory

We are living in a world where public life is polluted by lies. Governments and media have drowned the globe with corruption and criminal misconduct on a scale that many people simply cannot bring themselves to consider at all, preferring to accept the narrative than face the consequences of acknowledging that our comfortable western lives are under vicious attack.

It is not, however, a difficult reality to grasp in terms of facts. 2020 is now known to be 35th in the last 50 years in terms of all-cause mortality. And had so many not died as result of the NHS being shut to non-“virus” patients it could well have been near the bottom. So no real need to discuss any of the other turgid and lurid issues that the screech-narrative proposes.

And now the New Axis regime is digging in. Today has seen the greatest assault on civil liberties in my lifetime. If you, adult or child, are said by any of a number of officials to be potentially infectious you can be locked away sine die and pretty much without recourse. And of course dissent may be a sign of infection!!

To add to the excitement peaceful protest can now be forbidden if it causes inconvenience – the whole point of peaceful protest.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans