The Blessings and Perils of Friction

I wrote the first draft of this short comment in June 2017 and finished it in August 2019.

Iris Kaempferi – Ogawa Kazumasa

An ancient teaching is that knowledge is a finite commodity. There is not enough for all humanity to become enlightened. For that reason the deeper knowledge must be sought, and cannot be gained without sacrifice.  This is not unjust because for those prepared, – determined, – to make the effort knowledge will be available, but many people do not wish to make that effort. In particular it is said that those who wish to command, govern or exploit, wish populations never to do so in order that they, the very few, may profit from their own dark knowledge.

Whether you are convinced by this as one reason for the often occult character of the esoteric or not, you must admit that it is striking how, despite the so-called information age we inhabit, whole populations seem able, sometimes for decades, to reject knowledge when it is staring them in the face, simply because they are fed an official story which allows them to stay in a limited material comfort zone.

The 2016 US election left the media propaganda controllers without their trousers, and indeed without Y fronts, on stage at half-time of the Superbowl. They had nowhere to hide, some of us (including me), concluded jubilantly. But of course the media and those that control them are still hiding exactly as they were before, in plain sight, and a lot of those who reject knowledge in favour of what they perceive as safety are just as likely as before to continue to accept the lies that continue to gush from the machine. The misjudgement that led to the Trump inauguration nevertheless created a significant shift, making it impossible for many ordinary people to continue to accept the integrity of the privately owned and government media. One result has been the demise, for the time being, of the expression “conspiracy theorist” coined by the CIA many years ago; too many people are looking sideways at the media and the government establishment for this to be a credible form for them to use – for the time being the conspiracy theorists are close to being a majority!

One of the real difficulties for those behind the Clinton project (and I refuse to dignify them with the name Globalists; the planet should not be disrespected by such an association) is that their misjudgement, by allowing Trump upon the world stage, has created a new milieu of confrontation and friction that puts tentacles of fear and discomfort into the hearts of millions who up until now found it easy to ignore reality. And that large bubble in the line delivering the opium to the people has put dark ambitions back a long way unless they go for broke and a full and open challenge to the democratic principle.   As a conspiracy theorist (naturally!) I don’t think that folk who have been prepared over the last decades among so much else to assassinate and subvert presidents and commit mass murder on TV are likely to have too many scruples to undertake such a course.  If you think that’s fake news, I wish you fervently to be right!

August 2019