The Blue Tara Stakes

Blue Tara predicts that a major international conflict will be proposed or, God forbid, commence in the next six months. The enemy are losing the propaganda war, and the Popular Dragon is in danger of awakening to annihilate them. A threat from outside will be a godsend for Mr Global, and of course will be a chinking cash machine for many of his chums too.

Whether Mr Global has already cooked his goose by over-reaching remains to be seen, and whether it’s China and the US, The West and Russia, North Korea, or dismal combinations of current flashpoints, it seems very likely that appeals to our patriotism from these creatures, who know nothing of such finer feelings, will be coming our way.

We must not bend or yield to the threat, and we should ignore the liars totally save for getting them in front of tribunals of justice. They are corrupt and murderous psychopaths who are trying to pervert the future of mankind. It’s good to see that a group of activists including Mike Yeadon have launched proceedings in the ICC against individuals in UK public office because of the refusal of UK police and prosecutors to pursue the enforcement of UK criminal law.

Mr Global and his friends are beneath contempt, but not above the law.

If the subject were not so overwhelmingly grave a sweepstake on the nature of hostilities might be suggested. But it’s no subject for sport.