The Conspiracy Theory Handbook

Lockdown Sceptics ( today publishes a letter, from of all people, Ian Ferguson, the Imperial college genius of numerology, to a correspondent who reads the column that inveighs against conspiracy theorists and recommends his correspondent to look at a Conspiracy Theory Handbook, purveyed by a Climate Change PR organisation:

I recommend a glance at this, as it is a classic piece of propaganda PR publishing. It relies, of course, on the assumption that anyone who is opposed to anything that propaganda supports is lacking in the possession of credible facts and information and it is that lack that marks the conspiracy theorist. It allows that conspiracies may happen. It does not categorise those who suspect a conspiracy and set about finding the evidence for it. And it does not of course tell us the history of the expression Conspiracy Theorist, which is now almost a vintage one having been introduced in early 1900’s by the CIA to discredit opposition.

My own conspiracy theory on this is that the use of the term conspiracy theory is prima facie evidence of either ignorance, and the fear that underlies it, or malign motive. Truth will stand for itself and if we disagree with the opinions of others we may present a counter-argument or ignore them. It is one of the cornerstones of the freedoms that we here in Britain and in the US and in other liberal democracies, now so sorely under threat, that we defend the right of any citizen to hold and state any opinion within the very broad limits that common law provides.

It is as indicative of the malignity of such efforts as anything that this link is peddled by a person who has, with his cod science, done as much as any person with the help of his cohorts of the Gates stable to harm the populations of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Let us, as good conspiracy theorists, stick to the facts:

ONS deaths from all causes 2020: 589,000

ONS deaths from all causes 2019: 530,000

Deaths, admitted by UK govt, of “non-virus” patients arising from the closure of the HNS to normal patients: in excess of 100,000

Parse that, Ian Ferguson, with your criminal confreres, and tell us we have a pandemic problem. The only problem we have is rich bastards trying to take over control of our societies.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans