The Covid Jabs are Confirmed to be More Dangerous than the Flu (Covid) by Far.

Update: I have been banned by Facebook for 30 days for posting this! They have started to use software to cut anything with a trigger word they decide and label it “false information” The desperation of these parasitic creatures is increasing all the time.

  • A peer-reviewed scientific review in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, written by cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, calls for the immediate suspension of all COVID shots as real-world data show they cause more harm than good
  • Data from Israel shows myocarditis post-jab is occurring at a rate of 1 in 6,000. Hong Kong data from male children and teens found a rate of 1 in 2,700
  • Data from the British Yellow Card system shows 1 in 120 people who have received at least one mRNA injection suffer an adverse event “that is beyond mild.” In Norway, the rate of serious adverse events post-jab is 1 in 1,000 after two doses of Pfizer
  • Researchers looking at data from the FDA, Health Canada and the Pfizer and Moderna trials concluded the absolute risk of a serious adverse event from the mRNA shots was 1 in 800, which massively exceeds the risk of COVID-19 hospitalization found in randomized controlled trials
  • Leaked audio from a June 2022 meeting between Israeli researchers and the Israeli Ministry of Healthy reveals the Pfizer jab causes long-term adverse effects and is associated with more severe side effects upon rechallenge (i.e., with repeated doses). While the researchers wanted to warn the public, the Ministry altered their final report to say that adverse effects are mild and short-lived. The government then canceled any further research into adverse effects

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