The Dithering Sceptics

A number of sceptic commentators have done sterling work over the first year of the outrage of Covid in opposing lockdowns. The most notable reaction of government and those supporting them has been to ignore all criticism, and to steamroller on.

During the period the well-funded, deeply corrupt, propaganda campaign, which has been uniformly applied round the globe, has promoted the injectates, upon which the drivers of this outrage are founding their bid for world domination. It is taking place everywhere. The introduction of the use of vaccine passports is a key limb of the strategy and in the effort to subject all people to their will there is now an effort to demonise and discriminate against those who will not be assaulted in this way.

Another key part of the propaganda stratagem is to defocus from the central fraudulent and criminal aspects of what has happened to promote endless debate about the effect of the vaccines, the variants of the so-far un-isolated CV19 virus, immunity and so on.

And of course there is the issue of fictitious metrics – 75% of the UK population jabbed is one example-  and the infiltration of once-reliable government statistics outlets.

I am now seeing some Sceptic websites producing such metrics without question, and making much of the fact they are not against the vaccines. This is a depressing development, and in doing so these sites are becoming exactly like the people who have refused to look at what is happening from the start. It should not need saying that there is only one version of the truth and many variations of lies.

I would simply say this, (and there is much more) all of which is easily checked:

  • There is no CV19 virus shown in any pathology sample anywhere, ever.
  • The PCR test has been shown to have been used inappropriately and fraudulently to manufacture “cases” since the start.
  • The all-causes mortality in UK and elsewhere has been no greater than average at any time during the outrage, and indeed in UK rather less than average.
  • The development data sent to manufacturers to develop injectates had no data from the CV19 virus in it but was, as it has been admitted, based on an imagined idea of what it might be – scientific fraud.
  • The public health institutions of the US have been extensively corrupted over the last 40 years, and both the DCD and the FDA take part in the industry as well as controlling it.
  • The vast majority of the “advisors” to governments here, in the US and elsewhere, are funded directly or indirectly either by one of the Gates organisations or by the pharmas.
  • The control of medical research in the US at least is in effect controlled by Fauci.
  • The Gates Foundation has spent billions giving unpublicised “grants” to leading media outlets including the UKs main titles, and gives controlling amounts to the leading UK universities.
  • The actions of governments world-wide have clearly been closely coordinated to exert the maximum effect on populations.
  • We are now being told that flu deaths have miraculously dropped and hey-presto there have been a lot of CV19 deaths.

If the sceptics are really sceptical they need to be addressing these matters directly and not succumbing to the bad actors’ propagandising.

We need prosecutions not prophylaxis.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans