The Evil Logic of Biologics

Before all this nausea began I was entirely ignorant, I confess, on the subject of modern pharmaceuticals, vaccines and public health controls in the the US and here in the UK. A crash course in studying these matters has made me aware of a number of realities that, if they were better known and acknowledged, would lead to a radical reform of how medicine and healthcare is delivered in the West.

And high on the list of those realities is the existence of Biologics. Merriam Webster defines these as “a biological product (such as a vaccine or blood serum) used in medicine”. I am told that it is a term that has been in use since the early part of last century, but its significance from the point of view of public health can be said to date from the nineteen eighties, at a time when the pharmaceutical industry was busy corrupting the public health oversight of the Unitas States. As part of that it was determined by legislators that although biologics are used as medicine they do not fall within the definition of medicines, and therefore they do not have to meet the still stringent safety requirements that apply to medicines including double-blind placebo testing and testing on non-human subjects. It is worth noting that the greatest public health authorities, probably, in the world, the CDC and the FDA, both actually sell and profit from the sale of vaccines. It is truly a bizarre and egregious situation.

So while on the one hand the pharmas have encouraged the savage suppression of any other persons saying they have new alternative medicines, to the point where the US government has confiscated businesses and jailed people who have alternative forms of medicines, they have created their own cosy milieu where vaccines can be produced with minimal or non-existent adequate testing and where, ludicrously, vaccines are tested against other vaccines. Combined with the no-liability regime the industry managed to get through Congress in 1989, which in effect removes recourse against the manufacturer for any person injured by a vaccine, this has created a cash cow for the industry and a black hole of toxic reactions and long-term health damage for those exposed to the more than 70 injectates now enthusiastically pushed into young American bodies. A vast range of formerly uncommon disorders are now commonplace, many requiring lifetime drug treatments from the industry to control. It is not exaggeration to say that it is not possible honestly to demonstrate that this regime of recent years has done anything to improve public health at all.

This is not an argument against vaccines, it is an argument against out-of-control greed and corruption. If I have one more indignant and uninformed person asking me if I would like to have smallpox I shall scream!!

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans