The Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are now being invited to think that Artificial Intelligence is to take over the world’s human affairs and future. Not really surprisingly the people who are committing the crimes against humanity that the Virus Cult outrage represents are closely associated with this. It is at the heart of what is going on. Hubris on a massive scale. A propaganda piece today in the Telegraph trumpeting the joys of AI, which we are told will produce all drugs by 2030, talks about “one of the key enzymes in Covid”, a virus that has never been isolated, showing how far thinking, let alone morals, has been degraded in the mind of technocrats who are trying to drive their “fourth industrial revolution” The third world war is nearer the mark.

And that war, which is already beginning, will be the confrontation of man as a spiritual being living in harmony with the rest of the planet, with the frantic distillation of materialist selfishness represented by the abuse of AI which one of the funadamental goals of the present crimes against humanity. I venture to suggest that very many of us already have that insight even if we are tring to ignore it.

It is often said that this is 1% of people against the rest of us, and in my view it’s really probably the 0.5% of humanity who are psychopaths helped by deep corruption. Such people always deceive us as individuals simply because ordinary people can’t believe the capability for wickedness of a psychopath. Thus it is with the Virus Cult outrage; the size and wickedness of it challenges our understanding. But it is so. Johnson and his equivalents in governments around the world, and their uber-rich mates, are bidding fair to match the worst monsters of the 20th century with their actions. They are busily pressing injectates for a fictitious threat on a world population through an elaborate and long-planned propaganda drive using media that have been extensively corrupted by purchase and intimidation. Those jabs will compromise the DNA of recipients, that is the simple science of it. Your very humanity is under attack. GMO humans. Now.

Tom Cowan on the Science of mRNA Vaccinations

With this evil as its progenitor it must be clear to anyone considering it that the use of AI, predicted to create a two tier world of humanity of those controlling the technology, a limited number of very wealthy, and the new “useless” class as they label it will have further consequences. The rest of the vision is better deduced than taken from those who promote it. It does not take a lot of familiarity with history of the twentieth century, combined with the promotion of “Humanity as a disease of the planet” to see where this Satanic project wishes to head.

“For evil to thrive all it takes is for good men to do nothing”. If we refuse to cooperate in any way with these people they will have nowhere to go. But they will use threats, intimidation and violence, as they already have, to effect the destruction of mankind as we know it, so we must be strong in resolve in our rejection of these things.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans