The G20 meets in Rome

This group of governments has been meeting annually only since 2010, a time when, it is now clear, this pandemic pantomime was already in gestation, with Fauci and his cohorts busily establishing research facilities in China in order to patent coronavirus, and the Gates organisation already injecting thousands in India and Africa with dire results.

As reports already demonstrate, there is not even small awareness in the proceedings that acknowledges the monumentally catastrophic effects of the actions of those promoting the Virus Fraud globally. We are treated to the usual parade of lying buffoons strutting their mendacious stuff, and if anyone there is aware of the millions already dead or suffering as a direct consequence of their actions there is no sign of it. More of the same is the order of business.

The severance of interest of ordinary humanity with these people seems to be complete. As humanity is now becoming aware of the evil gift of AIDS and other infirmity conferred by the injectates It will be interesting to see how long such complacent wickedness survives into 2022.

The new Nuremberg trials are already an inevitability. Let them be sooner than later.