The Global Parasite

Let us be clear-sighted about the enemy humanity is now facing. The one thing we can say with certainty is that every single individual or organisation working for Mr Global is producing nothing of value, but on the contrary, in the true parasitic function, is focused upon leaching upon ordinary decent people across the world to extract as much as they possibly can.

Whether it’s Gates, Fauci, the pharma racketeers, the Globalist media, the politicians who have betrayed their electors or any of the army of hangers-on clinging to their bungs, their sinecures and their self-aggrandisment, not a single one is productive of anything of benefit to anything but itself, the large parasite with its tiny limbs and its vast swollen body of corruption.

Over recent years, we have allowed a number of individuals to become richer than nations, in the naive belief that this was a proper reward of capitalism. We are now discovering the profound error of that. The small group of people who control Mr Global may or may not be human – the question of whether psychopaths are actually human is an interesting part of the discussion of what it means to be human – but they are in any case devoid of any empathy for their fellows and intensely engaged in forwarding their murderous megalomania. If we allow them to they will destroy humanity as we know it, and, ultimately, themselves.

The injectates they have been pressing on us, it is now clear, destroy the natural immunity of the body. In other words they give people AIDS. The great jump in all-causes mortality that has already started as a direct result will bring this home to the people who hitherto have believed in the good faith of the parasite. Mr Global would do well to tremble when that gathers pace.

The sooner we apply the perfectly good law against racketeering in the US and other criminal sanctions elsewhere to strip these people of their assets and their positions the better for us all.