The Globalist Toadies Move Chairs on the Titanic of the UK Parliament

What we are now witnessing is globalism rearranging the chairs on its sinking ship in the UK Parliament. We are treated by the succession of criminal members of the present government to nauseating displays of sententious rubbish about how they wish to restore integrity to parliament, having as a body for the last many months committed such misconduct in public office that thousands of Britons – indeed most – have suffered a raft of injury, including fatalities, of a wide range. These same people are still uttering the lies of the vaccine fraud propaganda, larded with fatuous and strident war cries. As time has passed, that this is done in full awareness of the harms being done is clear.

The passing of Johnson will make not the slightest beneficial difference to this, and the chances, with the vicious hostility to democracy that is now endemic in the House and among the perpetrators, of us being given an opportunity to clean the Augean stable is slight. In truth his departure will make the task of railroading the UK back into the bowels of the EU tapeworm a bit easier.

With the ballot-box and the judiciary effectively removed from us the only course open to us apart from the turkey option is direct action. Parliament should be prorogued and a General Election should be held. Real leaders, and there will be a new breed to be found, need to replace the toxic and rotted House of Commons and reclaim our country from the Hideous Strength.