The Great Shift

Whether you think, as I do, that mankind is reaching a moment of irreversible shift, or whether you are simply living your life as best you can without concerning yourself with such things, there is something that I consider all decent and honourable human beings can do. And that is to understand that their own individuality is the sole reachable reality.

The efforts of both well-meaning and malign souls to confer reality – “personality”, – upon groups has been the root cause for the greatest evils of our history. Groups that are started with grand and good intent invariably get taken over by evil sooner or later. The “personality” of a collective, which is an entirely ephemeral construct, is created and imbued by its creators with whatever characteristics they intend to project as the character and will of us all. But as reality it does not exist despite any amount of fervency among those who are gulled by it.

And so it is just now, with the collectives of Virus, Climate, racial tension, the patriarchy and all the other tedious, sometimes lethal, nonsense promoted by the psychopathic interests of Mr Global over the last decades.  They have already been used to come close to bringing humanity to its knees, allowing their promoters to weld shackles upon us all. And, make no mistake, that is the goal, as a glance for just one example, at a list of the people Klaus Schwab’s WEF has adopted as “global shapers” over time demonstrates.

It is an appreciation of these cardboard cutouts of the collective as being nothing to do with reality that is a responsibility of each individual. Though so many have tried up to now to avoid it, there is no substitute for the basic personal responsibility of thought, without which we lose our humanity. The glib assurance of others that you need to be this or that to have a worthwhile opinion – a virologist for example – is total nonsense. A real virologist will have the humility to explain things to you if you ask. A fraud will tell you it’s settled science. Science is the constant testing of hypothesis and a real scientist, rather than an establishment jobsworth or a criminal, will welcome such testing and questioning with humility. Indeed, humility is one of the features of all great scientists as well as other worthwhile human beings.

As the attack upon the world’s ordinary people unravels at accelerating pace, and popular fury replaces confusion and fear, the collective promoters are becoming more frantic and more ludicrous by the day. As they have their talons gripping a good deal of stolen power this means that things will get more dangerous for the moment rather than less as propaganda gives way to force, and desperation replaces the arrogant confidence our mortal enemy, Mr Global.  We shall prevail but there will be a cost that we can, as yet, not quantify. The great shift is upon us and God bless us all.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans