The Legacy Media Remain Toxic

As the rats head through the hawse hole and off the ship, do not think otherwise.

The Daily Telegraph recently published a tremendous article by Jordan Peterson – his excoration of the globalists and their creatures at Deloitte. I would not disagree with a single word of it. Indeed for me this was a distinct irony. You see, the Telegraph banned me over a year ago for stating the truth of what has been happening in my comments and, as far as I know, I remain banned from commenting.

And a glance at the Telegraph today, with its dismal array of “business as usual” pieces whipping the plates around on their poles for the Controlled Debate, will tell the real story. Having been on the take from Gates for years and under the fell influence of corruption they have not shifted one iota away from their adopted role as a cog in the stinking machine of globalist ambitions.

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And to single out the Telegraph alone is not to say that any of the UK media or any of the establishment media anywhere else in the Western world is any different.

I have not taken BBC news output since 2020. The BBC has shown itself to be even more toxic than the papers – Lying about the evil comes as readily as breath to the rest of us.

So as the virus outrage collapses under the weight of its apalling record of lies and manslaughter, and the media rush for the exits, do not for a moment think that they are changing their character. There remains a deep layer of malfeasance and corruption across our societies, – the climate change outrage being just one of them, that have relied on the brazen lies of the media and still do.

Awakening is just beginning, let us keep the pedal of our chariot of Nemesis to the floor!