The Limits of Debate


If you want to be bad and successful history has shown that you need to be impervious to anything but your personal ambition, and for this to happen consistently it helps to be what our age has labelled psychopathic. If all empathy and capacity for compassion is absent as a driver from such ambition a person  is capable of unlimited cruelty and callousness.

It’s interesting to me, when considering the present attack on humanity, to reflect upon the nature of the psychopathy that is the engine of what is happening. For the first time, I say, the forces of this evil have emerged from their occult character, and the reason for this is that, in order to effect their purposes, they require the assistance of a much larger army that they themselves can muster.  That army consists of a vastly greater number of ordinary people in responsible positions in society who have been systematically corrupted over decades by the application of vast sums of money.

Some, – relatively few, – at a senior level, have simply been bought with large capital sums, and I have no doubt that a forensic accounting examination of each of those would produce interesting results. The rest are trapped by their own careers, salaries and material commitments, which are now controlled by the money that funds their employers. Nowhere is this more abjectly apparent than in the public health services, and as the cancer of this evil spread among the industries no doubt it will claim more victims both among those who succumb and among those who will not.

It is crucial, I believe, to understand that this attack is not a recently planned scam. The shadowy dynasties of men who have been funding both sides in wars across the world for several hundred years are with us today, and they have been joined by the new generation who we all, as foolish we are, have allowed to grow richer than nations. That psychopathy can transmit in dynastic fashion does not seem to be in doubt. In our modern age we can, I say, be sure that from the deaths of JFK and RFK to this day there is an unbroken chain of covert and not-so-covert outrage that is squarely at the door of these people.

The Trump election was the first major set-back for the Black Hats, and created a panic among them, as both Gates and Fauci’s presaging of a biological attack in separate speeches shortly after the inauguration is one demonstration. The attack, when it came, seems to have been botched too, as a trickle of emerging facts suggests.

But the greatest threat to us is not these pitifully deficient creatures, but in the reluctance among us all to accept the stark fact that we are under deadly assault from people with whom no reasoning or debate will serve. The unpalatable fact is that our only recourse if we want to survive as a race of sovereign individuals is to righteous anger and the use of it to defeat evil, for that is the reality today. So we must all win back our fellows locally, and leave the heart of this attack isolated. The war will be won in the hearts of our own people. Once those (99.99%)  who are not lost to psychopathy recognise the position we shall restore our race and our futures.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans