The Middle Rank of Virus Criminals is Preparing to Hide!


Just as it was hard to find anyone in Germany after WW2 who admitted to any of the Nazi evil, or in France a Frenchman who collaborated, so it will be now, as the total fiasco of the Virus Outrage becomes clear to us all.

While Gates, Schwab and the other court cards of the Virus Pack have nowhere to hide, endless managers and functionaries who have slavishly taken up the opportunity of tyranny will somehow have been doing something else. We shall perhaps see people at the bottom of the fountain of evil – nurses, GPs, and other front-line medics, taking a greater share of the blame as a result.

It is a problem for us all. Let us reserve punishment for the principal actors in this terrible atrocity, and show mercy for those who were forced into their actions by coercion.

This from Jeffrey Tucker at the Brownstone Institute.