The New Axis

Those who would like us all to believe that conspiracy theorists and chaps in foil hats are the enemies of the people are playing the oldest propaganda game. The enemies of the people are actually the ones who share a dismal characteristic with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and the procession of evil down the ages that have set themselves above the law, indeed have arrogated to themselves the character of the Creators of Law. The common law can go hang!

Of all the difficulties faced by ordinary people in addressing events as they have unfolded over the last year, the most common is bringing themselves to the understanding that events are intimately connected by the association of convergent opportunism that is the New Axis.

There are two reasons for this; firstly the unprecedented global scale, and secondly a deep unwillingness to recognise the unavoidable threat to the relative peace and prosperity of the seventy years since the last World War. It is not an easy reality to face, and it challenges our personal responsibility in a way that has not happened in generations.

If all this was born simply of the events of 2020 alone, of course, things would be very difficult to grasp. But what is happening has been in the making for many decades, underwritten by ruthless interests that, unlike our failing democracies, have played a very long game to get to this point. My own view is that had the New Axis not over-reached so badly (as evil always does eventually) in 2016 and temporarily lost control of the United States, the West would have continued the process that was already well under way of slowly killing our societies by gradually heating the water, like a lobster cooking. The Trump accession created a frantic effort to restore the hegemony of the New Axis, by use of a global public health fraud which, hastily and imperfectly done, has already failed in its purpose by being widely seen through and has thrown the New Axis into the full light.

You may ask, then, who are the New Axis? Well, many of them are now in plain sight. If you set about buying influence over decades your helpers will be numerous. Such people are not the dirigists of the New Axis, but they are heavily invested in justification of their position, for indeed they have little else but that and what they are given. Let us consider the UK, as that’s our land and our heritage.

Much is made about the the Johnson administration, but I believe on the evidence of events (or lack thereof!) that most of our Members of Parliament – certainly the Opposition, – have been nobbled by the New Axis at one level or another, and that less than 10% of the Members have retained their integrity through the last months.

Of our judiciary the situation is more opaque, but it has to be said that to date all efforts ( and there have been a good number) to get the government before an open court for a judicial review of their breezy assumption of powers has been avoided by a wide range of excuses. The government is now brazenly running up massive costs, using our money, to frighten off people pursuing litigation. And as the whole edifice of assumed powers has been based on the notion of response to a public health threat, which has now been shown incontrovertibly to be false, the goverment shows that it wishes to tell us what the law is for their own convenience.

And then, of course, the media. Not a single person reading this will forget the wall of propaganda pushed out over the first six months of 2020 on a global basis. It was the greatest fear-fest of history and brooked no question, disgreement or dissent. As the reality, that we were not all going to die choking in the streets, became obvious, the propaganda reduced its stridency to what it has run ever since, a “controlled debate” where endless discussion of the regime’s measures is encouraged and facts and real opposition are censored. This is underwritten by a staggering level of investment and ownership, some simple and some corrupt, of the media by New Axis shareholders.

The New Axis has used public health as a way to insert influence into government both here and in the US. The way in which Fauci segued from the Trump White House to the Biden one is a classic illustration of this. If Starmer took over from Johnson I don’t doubt the CMO and his mates would still shimmy into view! If we look around the “advisors” to the UK government it would be very difficult to find a single independent opinion; they all have intimate connections with the New Axis, and independent and eminent experts have been ignored, no-platformed or traduced. SAGE has a number of dubious creatures whose qualifications would be better used by a Geobbels than by the MHO; Sturgeon is advised by a 32 year old remittance woman with a degree in social anthropology who postures as an expert. And there are people with even less savoury antecedents scattered in SPAD bunkers around government.

If we wish to identify the principal players in the New Axis, some of them are easy to identify and or on the lips of most of us. They are what I would suggest are the new boys of the Axis. Working away behind them, as they have for a very long time well before the Internet Age, are others. It is not 100% certain as a method of identification, but a very good start in both identifying and starting to deal with them is to determine who it is, while our society enjoys the greatest recession for 300 years, who is benefitting largely from the situation. And the answer to that I believe is generally widely understood, though here at home the scale of the Johnson administration’s enterprises has yet to get forensic analysis.

And then the censorship. As we watch Hancock brown-nosing Zuckerberg about “anti-vaxxers” in the Commons – no mention of tax avoidance – it does not take a genius to realise that these people are dining at the New Axis table together. All the main Internet social media are enthusiastic New Axis acolytes. Wikipedia is, shamefully, now a propaganda outlet for the New Axis whether BLM vaccines, or the smearing of opposition. Comments on comment columns in the press are either deleted or otherwise interfered with – (my comments no longer can get likes on the Telegraph, for example). The BBC and the NHS have been turned into propaganda machines and news output now has so many lies it is better ignored.

But the agenda for the New Axis is not limited to the public health fraud. There is a much wider intent, that seeks to remove the sovereignty of the individual and replace it with the same spurious concept of the collective that caused all the atrocities of the last century.

The collective does not exist save as a concept dictated by those who seek to steal our individuality and make us into their slaves. If you think that’s an exaggeration, read some history, or listen to some of the pronouncements we are already beginning to hear. Concentration camps have alread been suggested in the States, re-branded like the flu.

What do we do? The Power of the New Axis lies not so much in their vast wealth but in our reluctance to face the reality of their evil. It is the same reason that an individual psychopath can be so dangerous – ordinary people can’t believe they are actually capable of what they do. To refuse to cooperate with it is the way to defeat it. There is no pandemic. There is a bid for domination of our lives, and a threat, I believe, to our very humanity.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans