The Old Cons Still Work Horribly Well

The world situation would be comic if it were not so serious. The assault on mankind on all fronts relies on the oldest sales line – “You have a problem, but I can solve it for you”

And the problem – in many, many cases, whether it is CO2 , the Covid outrage, the dreadful Russians, or a host of others ( think for example of the “rewilding” of some of our wildest landscapes by earnest woke developers) is magicked out of the air by a straightforward switch of cause and effect.

The ocean is known and proven to be the greatest source of CO2 release. As the weather warms it it releases more. It’s blindingly simple. So simple it is breathtaking.

The greatest effect on world weather cycles is… surprise, surprise, our near celestial neighbour and source of light, the Sun. The globalist monkeys have produced endless infantile manure to try to contradict this, but their lying hypotheses resist all proof against what has been known for many years. No scientist required – just honest men.

In the same way, we were deafened by the paid media screech of early 2020 of approaching plague, and during 2020, before the jabs appeared in the production, (that had been started beforehand as it turns out) and injection, the only unusual deaths in 2020 were caused by the charming Hancock’s murder of the elderly with Midozalam, – and even then 2020 ended 35th in the last 50 years for all cause mortality.

The massive increase in so-called unexplained deaths postdates the mass jabbing campaign. Cause and effect. The effect of mass mortality was the result of a cause that the bad hats have totally failed to disguise as a flu virus that killed no more than ever it does in its annual appearance, and arguably less. All the lies in the world will not change the facts.

And so on with the Ukraine scam. We are invited to believe that somehow more than a decade of murder in the Donbass and a Kiev regime of unparalled corruption had nothing to do with what is happening – it’s all that Putin man…… It seems to succeed as a con wherever it’s applied – provided your media are prepared to lie and lie and lie again.

Now that the integrity and credibility of all these filthy people from Klaus Schwab, the ludicrous Dr No lookalike, and the dribbling, soi-disant POTUS downwards is well and truly shot we are left with noise. Lots of it, given the desperate media.

But the truth is out and Nemesis is near. The trouble that is certainly ahead will put these people firmly in the dock where they so richly deserve to find themselves.