The Pied Piper of Woke

I read today that a large proportion of Americans and, – I would infer from that, – a good number of British people, believe that Capitalism is evil, and that most of the troubles of our world are caused by it.

If this is actually true it is a piece of ironic nonsense that needs holding up to the light, because it is being used by profoundly bad people to promote Marxist socialism, a chimeric monster that within living memory has spilled more innocent blood than any other events of recent history. Most of these people are no more Marxist or socialist than a stone or a tree, but they have their own agenda from which humanity should shrink as from a rattlesnake.

The attack on our societies that is taking place is the result of the growth of a number of individual men to a level of wealth that is greater than nations, and as we, the people, have allowed this to happen, with our abject worship of material wealth in the age of determinist technology. We should not be surprised that such people wish to push their own megalomaniac agenda on the rest of us. For one man to own more wealth than half the world’s population, which is a state that is now upon us, is not, I think to any rational mind, capitalism, but a grotesque caricature of an economic model that should be (and, little acknowledged though it may be, very often is), founded in moral principles. It is like describing someone who dies of eating too much as a gourmet. It is an abberation, and in this case one which has come to threaten us as a species of individuals with free will and personal responsibility.

The irony is that it is the diseased uber-rich who invest in the naive who in their turn spout Marxist socialist fascism, in all its varying idiocy, at the rest of us. BLM is funded by Soros. Control of people is best effected, they find, not by elites but by projection of the collective as a personality that trumps the individual. The philosophy that built the gulags.

But where the uber-rich and Mao and Stalin and BLM coincide is that they all represent the darkness. They are, yes, evil. They use expressions to blur the concept of right and wrong, and to make personal choice a sin. We have been assailed with the siren ideas that consider right and wrong too binary, and truth a plural.

As we look forward to the conquest of the evil that is now on the rampage and the rise of consciousness in the new post technology age that is arriving I believe we must focus on these simple, yet so challenging, things with ruthless determination.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans