The power of Anti-Trust Litigation- just see the man!

The New Axis is driven on many fronts, but we know that Mr Bill Gates is prominent among the small number of men who, having been allowed by the rest of us to become wealthier than many nations, have added the enslavement of the rest of us to their agenda.

What is less well understood is that the rictus smile of Mr Gates and his spouse has been a relatively recent phenomenon, and was the direct and immediate result of a settlement concluded with the US Justice Department twenty years ago, when Gates agreed to become a “philanthropist” by creating the Gates Foundation. With hindsight we may now think that the Justice Department made a serious error.

The clip above, from his deposition, gives a very clear idea of the creature behind the inane grin. Would you trust this man with anything apart from his own obsessive self-service?

There are reams of written material and video clips outlining what has happened since, and I’m not going to rehearse them here (though there is some material on the Blue Tara Resources Page). Suffice it to say that Gates has among many other things:

  • given hundreds of millions in “grants” to leading media outlets in exchange for what the Foundation calls “advocacy”. These include the Telegraph and other leading UK papers, and the creation of a separate charitable foundation with the BBC in India.
  • done for vaccination what Hannibal Lecter did for Fava beans to the personal cost of thousands in African and India and showing, as he says himself, a twenty times ROI. The damage caused is being litigated in both countries by victims who can ill afford it.
  • paid for (and controlled at times) the WHO.
  • paid directly or indirectly just about every “advisor to government” both in the UK and in the US; at the time the pandemic outrage began 13 out of the 15 medical advisors to the Trump White House had close Gates connections of interest. These include Fauci and the college inhabited by Ian Ferguson, the genius of fright metrics.
  • Hob-nobbed with the Chinese CCP, and made at least two dire predictions as early as 2017 that the world could expect a biological attack or pandemic killing up to 60 million people, a prediction repeated by his remittance man Tony Fauci.

This clip, which is not exactly popular with the media, is profoundly helpful to an understanding of this one more visible proponent of the New Axis

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans