The Power of Disobedience

The feeling that many of us have when confronted by the wall of propaganda and lies that is the Virus Cult trying to force its will upon us is one of helplessness. We elected the present government to power in the good faith engendered by centuries of respect for the rule of law and the ideal of public service, suddenly to find that hitherto, apparently changeless, hallowed ground crumbing below us, to be replaced by a fascistic regime of hard-faced lying individuals forcing a false prospectus on us under the old tyrant mantra of keeping us safe.

When we examine the facts and the history of this outrage it does not take any special qualifications other than an average intelligence to see that the Virius Cult has been built on lies from start to finish, by opportunistic confluence of a number of interests who are playing a ruthless hand. 2020 will end in the UK with slightly less deaths from all causes than in 2019. This despite the ageing population and despite the casualties caused by the hobbling of NHS services. That is an incontrovertible fact. The government are perfectly capable, despite everything they have said before, of suggesting, ludicrously, that the drop is down to their courageous measures. They originally said of course that the measures would not reduce mortality but simply “flatten the curve” and “save” the NHS.

As the police have now been converted into a paramilitary force in London and, as the Government add bussed-in heavies to assist them in brutalising peaceful protests, we can see clearly now the way matters are to progress, so we have a choice:

  • We can do nothing except what is allowed by government and meekly line up for whatever injectates the government has wasted public money and fattened their own pockets with, and all the other excitements that are so clearly on their agenda. We can accept evil as the overarching power in our world and kiss goodbye to truth and the sovereignty of individual thought and responsibility.
  • We can resist violently and remove the government by force or die or get shut up in camps in the attempt. As we have already seen this is what worries the government already and their response has been seen – ruthless suppression.
  • We can follow the path of Civil Disobedience. This is a the resistance that Ghandi and his followers used with great success. It is not without danger either – civil disobedience has sometimes been met with violence – and the pressures exerted to ensure conformity can be varying and calculated. But it is a very powerful reponse to a state that is armed to the teeth and prepared to use those arms against the people – and we need have no doubt from the scenes in London that that is what we are dealing with. It takes courage, particularly if done alone, but it works if the people take it up.

I believe that as we enter a new epoch in the history of humanity we are called upon to resist the desperate scrabbling assault of that old-fashioned creature, Evil, on the march. Despite the dismay of the moment I am confident that once again Evil has over-reached, and once again it will be forced back under its stone. It’s up to us, whose hearts, as Solzhenitzin pointed out, each have the thread of evil running through, to recognise our individual power and responsibility to make this happen and prevent a repeat of the great horrors of the twentieth century.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans