The Propaganda merchants are Dr Mengele come again

Coersive Control goes Official….

The government has put the NHS on the rack. If you want to work in medicine in the country without the NHS you have a hard road both to find and to stay on. And the ruthless wickedness that is pressing the greed and ambition behind the Virus Cult is testing every medical professional even more grievously than the rest of us.

These scoundrels have been in frantic haste to get us all to accept the injectates prepared with zero data from a virus said to threaten mankind, but which has not, despite the many lies , been ever isolated in pathology anywhere in the world. The government and their pharma paid and interested “advisors” (see the other posts here for the hopelessly conflicted status of both SAGE and the US “advisors”) ignore all truth in this.

The reality is that their haste is at least partly because as time passes the penny of the enormity of the crime going on is really beginning to drop and they know that their position is getting increasingly perilous. The people now know in increasing numbers that last year, far from being a pandemic, was 35th in the last 50 years in terms of mortality, so nobody needs to be a cod scientist or an “advisor” to know that the official narrative stinks to high heaven.

And that is before we consider the PCR test fraud and the total fiction of the vaccines developed as they have been for financial gain at the least and for other malign purpose as seems very likely for material that has the capability to alter DNA.

A 30 year time-served front-line NHS consultant states:

“I HAVE just logged on to enter a patient with a fatal flare-up of malignant melanoma (originally diagnosed and surgically excised in 2014) manifesting as a suspected stroke with unilateral arm paralysis at the end of February, exactly one month after the patient’s first dose of the AstraZeneca coronavirus jab. This is the sixth Yellow Card report I have made in a month.
It seems entirely plausible to me, from a biological perspective, that natural tumour-suppressing activity of our lymphatic cells (NK cells and various classes of T Cell)  could be temporarily suppressed by the surge of spike protein induced by the vaccine. As this is a new class of drug, which was rushed to market at breakneck speed, it is my clinical instinct that we should err on the side of over-caution as regards reporting observational anomalies or potential adverse reactions. With this week’s news that Denmark and other countries have suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, this approach seems even more sensible.

As a doctor with more than three decades of experience, this observational practice defines a long tradition of proper science. But just how accurate and usable is the adverse event Yellow Card reporting system in the UK? Given the highly experimental nature of the Covid-19 vaccine, was due diligence given to making sure those rolling it out, and indeed those receiving it, were well versed in this system of reporting?

The Consultant then goes on to point out that the percentage of adverse reactions reported in the NHS system, at 0.3% for Pfizer injectates and 0.5% for Astra Zeneca, was at least 100 times lower than reported in the actual trials.

He was clearly shocked into writing his report by the melanoma incident, as well he might be. He points out that a culture of silence is developing in the NHS that to my mind is strongly reminiscent of Stalin’s Russia. Is this what have come to?

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans