The Real Anthony Fauci

It is heartening that, despite every effort to suppress this book, it remains at the top of the best seller list. Anyone who, as I have, has been following and researching facts during this tragic and farcical period of the human story will be totally astonished at the mastery of detail commanded by the scion of the Kennedy dynasty, and even more so by the sheer courage it must take for him to face down the very organisations and interests who were not so very long ago so ruthless in the killing of his father and uncle.

When I started this blog I ventured a virus version of Zola’s J’Accuse. But this book is the real Twenty First century J’accuse. It is a knock-down masterpiece of evenly stated facts.

To see all the facts marshalled in this elegantly crafted volume gives one that illuminating moment of seeing, – seeing all the threads of the long gestated evil laid out in front of you.

If you have not read this already I do recommend that you do so. It’s a somewhat hieratic Christmas present, but without a doubt one of the most influential books of recent times!

And has Fauci murmured a word? Sued? If only…..