The Real Story

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Science, eh? We are now in the position to know, without the help of SAGE or anyone else, that there has been no pandemic, simply by looking at the ONS metrics.  We are also in the position to know that SAGE’s composition has always been hopelessly compromised by the conflicts of interests of the majority of its members whose financial connections to the pharma and vaccine sectors are a matter of detailed record, while the qualifications of its members is four times more represented in social manipulation than in immunology. We are further in a position to know, because no less a person than Dr Fauci says so, that the PCR test at 35 cycles or greater is likely to produce a false positive, while the testing that has been done for months has widely used a higher rate – making false-positives a vast issue, even though the test itself is incapable of giving an agent-specific result (as admitted in CDC PCR test manual documentation). We know too that it has not been possible to prove that the CV19 virus exists, but despite that datasets were sent out to vaccine developers that were based not on the virus but on imagined strings of what were said to be similar character. And we know as well that the public health authorities in the US, which effectively control the medical narrative events in this affair, the CDC and the FDA, both themselves – amazing though it may seem – make, and sell vaccines and own patents for a range of vaccines that they themselves are meant to police. 

And that is before we start to enumerate the evidence as to the activities of the Gates organisation or the media in the unfolding of the last year’s tragic farce. And there is plenty of that as readers will find here and from many sources if they have not already done so..

The propagandists are currently screeching widely about conspiracy theorists, which means those making unsubstantiated allegations about the activities of a group (often occult or similar).  Unfortunately for them the reality is that there is lots of good evidence that the uber-wealthy interest group that that we have allowed to develop to be richer than nations has been using its wealth to corrupt public life and public health widely around the world, and that they are already enjoying enormous increases in their wealth as a result. This is not conspiracy theory. It is conspiracy practice.

The Virus is a great lie promoted by bogus people with corrupt motives. The vaccines, whatever else they do, will protect from no virus, and have the capability of altering human DNA. Less people would have died in 2020 than in 2019 in the UK if the government had not closed NHS services to “non-virus” patients and caused a lot more than the 50,000 by which the 2020 figure, 589,000, exceeds the 2019 total.

The nation has been tortured by an unlawful lockdown and presented with the greatest recession for 300 years, by a government and associates who have lied and lied, and lied again to keep the fear platters spinning. A large section of our population are well aware of all this but have chosen to ignore it even to the extent of having the injections of the New Axis, simply because of the implications of recognising the situation for the attack that it is. But a large section have not, and the tide is beginning to turn. Nemesis is stirring for the criminals and I for one shall not regret her sweeping passage.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans