The Rule of Law

The Globalist evil threatens all of us, our children and the very future of humanity. It is cold and entirely ruthless and there is no debate to be had with it, however much its lying propaganda tries to spin the plates.

It is now clear, to me at least, that our choice has become crystallized – and at least therefore quite simple. It is to make sure that the Rule of Law is enforced wherever in the world it is required. Just as at the end of the last World War it was found necessary to limit the prosecutions by reason of the number of possible defendants, so it will be now. The leaders of the wickedness must be arraigned and punished before they strut any further. We know most of their names already.

The alternative is violence, which is what the enemy most certainly expect. If we are to make some sense of the great shift that is afoot we must not stoop to that but use intense public opinion to get our intimidated judiciaries around the world to do the duty that they owe us and themselves. Murder and manslaughter and misconduct in public office don’t cease to exist because bad men obstruct justice. We must remove the obstructions.

One thing that every right-living human should be able to subscribe to is support for the Rule of Law. I propose that all who agree should join The Rule of Law, a body of citizens of all nations who will register their identity and support by a minimal payment of $1, or local equivalent, by online card payment to a Trust Fund held by a leading firm of lawyers for disbursement, under supervision of the Trustees, to assist efforts to get prosecutions under way. I will be investigating the practical possibility of this and will keep you posted.