The Science of the COVID Vaccines Unpicked

Dr Tom Cowan is one of the leading independent scientists who have exposed the character of the Outrage. Here is my transcript of a video clip he published ” The science of MNRA vacations” As the propaganda tries hard to obfuscate the science with outdated dogma this summary, made accessible by Tom Cowan for most readers, may be of help.

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Ask them the question – and it’s the same question that I think I would ask all of you which was suggested, a very simple question, which is: Do they know what the central dogma of genetics is?

I thought that right there is the problem, because if you don’t know, and I mean really know, what the central dogma of genetics is there is no possible way that you can decide what the truth is about MRNA vacations. I’m not saying that I blame anybody for not knowing this, it’s like trying to have a conversation about baseball but you never heard of a bat or a ball and if you don’t know what the central dogma is you can’t be part of this conversation really and so you have to leave it up to the experts and then of course “the experts” in quotes will disagree and they’ll give you all kinds of stuff most of which you won’t understand. So I decided right then then one of the things that I might try to do is to get people to understand the central dogma and why the central dogma has been modified and how, once you know that, you will have no doubt in your mind what MRNA vacation is all about. That was what got prompted me to do this.

So what do I mean by the central dogma? I’m going to tell you the story that we’re told we being medical doctors and so called scientists or geneticists, and it’s not necessarily the true story but it’s the story we all believe. We have genetic material that supposedly resides in the nucleus of our cells. This genetic material, this DNA, is formed in a double Helix. I’m sure all of you have seen pictures of this, and it’s composed of base pairs which are basically the same as nucleotides although nucleotides have a sugar and a phosphate attached to the actual base pair and the base pairs are like letters in an alphabet, except the DNA code only uses 4 letters the letters are A T G C.  A always matches up with T and G always matches up with C. it’s basically like a zipper. In order to have a zipper work you have to have both sides of the zipper and one prong of the zipper is A and its complementary prong is T and then the next one might be C and the complementary prong is G and then these base pairs are in a string, so you may have A T C G G C, and you have a whole long string of those and those strings are called a gene.

Now the central dogma which was formulated at the beginning of the discovery of genetics said that this DNA is transcribed into something called MRNA otherwise known as Messenger and.that process happens in the nucleus and the process of DNA being transcribed into messenger RNA is called transcription. The way that happens is the DNA unzips  and forms a new copy and that new strand which is the complementary to the first strand is called messenger RNA so it’s single stranded, made in the nucleus. Now that messenger RNA then gets out of the nucleus and it goes into the cytoplasm.  Here is an interesting aside, because we’re told that the messenger RNA goes out through the pores in the nuclear membrane. The problem is that nobody has ever been able to find the pores in the nuclear membrane – all you see is an artefact on electron microscopy. Let’s forget about that for the moment, but anyway so the DNA separates then it makes a complementary copy of itself through the process called transcription and that single strand, called Messenger RNA, goes into the cytoplasm where at a certain place in the cytoplasm it is translated into protein which is the complementary copy of the MRNA. The protein essentially is an exact copy of the original DNA and it just went through a side half and so those base pairs form the amino acids which forms the primary sequence out of which the protein is made. The primary sequence we’re told determines the shape and the function of that protein which determines basically how living organisms function.

Now the central dogma part is that the theory – let’s say the theory, – is that this is a uni-directional process. In other words DNA creates RNA creates protein DNA to RNA messenger RNA as transcription RNA to protein is translation. There is never protein makes RNA. There is never protein makes DNA and there is never RNA makes DNA, so this is a one way street. That was the foundation of genetics and cell biology. To change the protein you had to change the DNA which then gets coded into RNA which gets coded into protein.

And that’s how it’s that’s how it works or at least that’s how it was supposed to work until the early 80s maybe the late 70s when it was decided (in my view, as I’ve explained, without any evidence because the HIV virus the human immunodeficiency virus was never isolated or sequenced) that there were people with this disease called AIDS. They discovered that some of them,- not all of them,- had an anti bodies to a “virus” that they thought they discovered. There was essentially in the beginning three antibodies, I won’t get into the other two but the problem they had was that this HIV was an RNA virus and the question was how does an RNA virus get to insert itself into the DNA because that’s against the central dogma? RNA never becomes DNA that’s what we thought. So essentially, and I’ll use this word very decidedly, they decided that there is a process by which you could reverse this central dogma and it was through an enzyme called reverse transcriptase and that’s the RT part of the RT PCR test. Now you can imagine why they called it reverse transcriptase because transcription was thought to be DNA becomes RNA and this virus had an enzyme that reversed that and the RNA became DNA and so they called it reverse RNA to DNA transcription transcriptase. “ase” means enzyme, so an enzyme that reverses the central dogma. These were called retroviruses. Why retroviruses? Because they reversed the normal virus.

Now I want to point out, just as another aside here, that the theory (and it is a theory) that the way viruses work is they are pieces of let’s say viruses known before RNA viruses so we’re talking herpes and chicken pox. The way they work is their pieces of DNA encapsulated in a protein. The virus hooks onto this cell, injects its DNA into the cell which somehow finds its way to the nucleus through these mythical nuclear pores which now, apparently, are two way streets which nobody has ever seen, and they coopt the genetic mechanism of the nucleus, kind of like a mediaeval sort of slave lord. The virus injects its DNA into the cell, it finds its way to the nucleus, it overcomes the mechanism of the of the cell and so the DNA gets inserted into the genome of the host, whereupon it proceeds to make multiple millions or thousands of copies from itself it then goes out of the nucleus back into the cytoplasm and buds out of the of the membrane of the cell, and it has gone from one or 10 or 1000 viruses to a million or 10 million.

Now the reason I say that’s the theory is because nobody has ever seen this and the reason they haven’t seen it is because you can only see viruses with electron microscopes which by definition are looking at “dead viruses” (even though nobody actually thinks viruses are alive in the first place) but the point of it is you can’t see a dynamic process as in the entering and making more copies and then re emerging. All you can say is in the beginning there were ten copies and at the end thousands, so we think this is the way that happened. The problem was how does it and the RNA virus do this? So they came up with the  discovery that there’s this enzyme that converts the RNA into DNA and it’s the DNA that gets inserted into the hosts DNA and then it reproduces itself making more copies of DNA and making more RNA which then goes out into the cell and buds off.

So the discovery of reverse transcriptase solved the intellectual theoretical problem of how the heck does an RNA virus cause disease in the first place. The answer was that it’s through this mechanism of reversing the central dogma through an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. As we all know this corona virus is supposedly an RNA virus, so it has to go through the same process.

So here’s the interesting thing; at the time in 1984 when they said we found an antibody to this reverse transcriptase that was considered proof that there was this RNA virus because at the time it was thought that reverse transcriptase doesn’t exist except in RNA viruses. In other words it was said there is no reverse transcriptase somehow floating around in a normal cell in a normal cytoplasm in a normal nucleus. Now 40 or so some years later every virologist, every scientist who knows anything about this, knows that that’s simply not true. That reverse transcriptase is actually a part of normal cells and it’s part of the interplay of RNA and DNA and there is no one way street.

That’s crucial to the understanding of this because if reverse transcriptase is a normal enzyme found in normal cells found in healthy cells and in healthy people then there’s no reason why new copies new pieces of RNA won’t be converted into DNA and get it inserted into the hosts the persons (your) DNA. In fact one could say that is the entire basis of genetic engineering now. You could do this by inserting a piece of DNA directly into the host cell or even the host nucleus but another way to do it is to simply introduce MRNA into the host tissues, the host cells, and you have a essentially 100% expectation that, because there is reverse transcriptase in every normal cell, as far as we know it will by definition get converted into DNA. Therein lies the key to the understanding of this puzzle, because that’s exactly what the mechanism of MRNA vacation is,  to introduce MRNA we know into tissues the cells which have reverse transcriptase. They will convert this into DNA which will then get inserted into the host DNA.

Exactly what the process of genetic engineering is. And so the host, ie you, will end up being genetically engineered. Genetically engineered simply means you’ve now had inserted, in this case not directly but through the MRNA conversion into DNA process, a procss by which your DNA has been altered. You will then be able, that is you will then at least possibly, and maybe probably, start putting out new pieces of new copies of this altered DNA and you will start making proteins based on this new DNA copy that has been inserted into your genome. In fact I would argue that’s exactly how they expect it to work.

So that should hopefully answer peoples’ questions whether this is this a type of genetic engineering. I mean that’s the whole point! And is there a mechanism that we can understand that would lead us to think this? That’s what I just described. It is a well recognised mechanism. The details of how to do it and how not to have the cells degrade the RNA first et cetera that’s the part that’s the sort of technically tricky part, but that it is the intention there can be no doubt.

Now I just want to also add that people have brought up this question: If they’re doing a vaccine or a vacation against the coronavirus that must mean they had the coronavirus to work with obviously that’s what people would think? So let me just read you then what Pfizer says about their MRNA coronavirus vacation and you’ll see for yourself whether they actually have the virus to work with. Here’s something that they said a while ago in this, quoting from the Pfizer website:

“To build an MRNA vaccine scientists do not need the actual virus”  “the DNA template used does not come directly from an isolated virus from an infected person” In other words they have no copy of an isolated virus from any infected person and then later they say “the DNA template for SARS Covid virus was generated via a combination of gene synthesis and recombinant DNA technology” This is basically the tools of genetic engineering. Here I am again going to compete with JP Sears a little bit as I say there is one thing good about this vacation that at least then you don’t have to worry about eating GMO food because you will have been GMO’d yourself!  

The other thing that’s important to really realise about this is this process of being able to change your DNA through the use of the intermediary of MRNA is essentially like putting an Operating System into your cells and tissues.

Now that word has been criticised as being inappropriate and part of some sort of hoax that people are doing in order to get people to not want to take their vacation. but I’m going to quote from the Moderna website itself:

“Recognising the broad potential of MRNA science we set out to create an MRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer; it is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programmes. In our case the programme or app is RM RNA drug the unique MRNA sequence that codes for a protein.”

So all I can say is that if the idea that MRNA vacation is part of an operating system is a hoax apparently Moderna is in on the hoax!

People say to me “Tom if you say they haven’t found the virus how come they now find mutations of this virus some of which are considered to be more deadly more transmissible less deadly or who knows so how is that possible if there hasn’t been a virus isolated that you can find different variations or mutations of the virus?” Yeah, it’s actually very simple, as I’ve explained many times. The way that this so called Virus has been found is the same way all the other RNA virus viruses have been discovered: They take in unpurified sample from a person who sick sometimes in a non specific sometimes in a specific way, or they take a previously cultured laboratory sample. Sometimes they start with an actual person, sometimes they start with the laboratory culture. They don’t purify it. They don’t isolate anything. They inoculate it onto tissue which is then starved and poisoned. The tissue breaks down into thousands, maybe millions, of genetically different particles, or particles that have genetic pieces in them, and then they use the PCR technology with primers to look for certain snippets of this genetic brew. They find some and then they put that into a computer model – a computer programme, – sorry, and they do something called alignment.

To understand this it’s very similar to if you found if you’re making a your goal is to make an exact copy of a Lego castle and you find a few pieces of it and then you put it into the computer programme and it generates the entire castle. Now you can imagine that depending on the alignment and depending on how you programme the computer that everybody will come up with a slightly different castle. The castle is not known to exist in the 1st place and so you can’t make an exact copy of something you never found and have isolated in the 1st place. Which is why, at last count, I think there’s a reported 6000 different variations of this particular virus because just like there’s 6000 different variations of this castle or unicorn. Nobody has seen the actual real Unicorn or castle. Guess how many different variations there are of a schnauzer dog? Those of you who guessed there’s one, you would be correct because everybody knows what a schnauzer dog looks like because they’ve seen it and since nobody has seen an HIV or a coronavirus they have to make up different models and everybody has a different model so you get 6000 different versions. This is just another aspect of the failure of this “science” really and the isolation and characterization of the virus.

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