The shells are dropping close to home.

The mother of a friend of mine, a powerfully energetic lady in her seventies of a hitherto robust constitution, has has a heart attack within 24 hours of receiving an injectate promoted as a vaccine by the government and their pharma friends. She is now said to be recovering, though significantly rocked physically by the episode.

The true metrics are hard to come by, but we know that hundreds of people have already died world-wide and tens of thousands have been badly affected by these injections. Equally hard to come by is any evidence that the virus they purport to counter even exists, and we know, because it’s on the record, that the data used by labs to develop their brews was based on data strings that were, shorn of all obfuscation, the imagination of its creators. We also know that mRNA vaccines have the capability to change human DNA, and we also know, among many other seriously concerning facts, of widespread and well-founded accusations that such vaccines have been used as a covert way to sterilise subjects of child-bearing age in Africa and India. {A fresh suit regarding the drug Gardasil, the patents of which are (amazingly) part owned by the biggest US public health authority is also in prospect}.

Anyone interested in the mass of facts available on this subject is recommended to look at the superb Robert F Kennedy Jnr’s organisation.

But the scandal of this is thrown into stark floodlit illumination by the simple fact that if you deduct the number of people killed by culpable homicide by the government closure of the NHS to elective procedures and consultations (admitted to be over 100,000) the deaths from all causes for England and Wales for 2020 would be 50,000 less than in 2019 and 60,000 less than 2018.!!!

It was culpable homicide because the government were warned of the consequences in a detailed DoH report (see the Resources page) of 8th April last but went ahead anyway.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans