The Shock Doctrine Writ Large. Threat & Opportunity

We have always known that if you have a long-lived, large, sclerotic body, whether it is, for example, a plant or an organisation or system, physical or metaphysical, effecting changes to it can become either more and more complex or impossible. So, if there is a disaster that sweeps that body away, there is suddenly the possibility of re-creating it in a new, more efficient form, or not re-creating it at all.

Whether or not that disaster or catastrophe is an Act of God or of Man is irrelevant to the effect, – though that point may be of some interest to those who take an interest! Many, for one material example, are the beautiful cities which have been rebuilt on sites originally devasted by Nature or by war. But the Shock Doctrine opens the door for Disaster Capitalism. And that is not often on the side of the angels.

Naomi Klein in her wonderful, and so relevant, 2007 book, The Shock Doctrine, describes how the privatising ambition of Freidman “purist” capitalism was able, after Hurricane Katrina, to largely privatise black schools in the city, almost eliminating Board Schools with the new controversial Charter Schools.

” ..the auctioning off of New Orleans’ school system took place with military speed and precision….before Hurricane Katrina the school board had run 123 public schools; now it ran just 4. Before the storm, there had been 7 charter schools in the city; now there were 31. New Orleans teachers used to be represented by a strong union; now the unions contract had been shredded and its forty-seven hundred members had all been fired. Some of the younger teachers were rehired by the charters at reduced salaries; most were not.”

The American Enterprise Institute enthused: “Katrina accomplished in a day….what Louisiana school reformers couldn’t do after years of trying.” These orchestrated raids on the public sector Naomi Klein dubbed “Disaster Capitalism”.

It does not take a massive leap of imagination to see that the National Health Service, with its million personnel and its ever deepening appetite for funds, had before Dr Fauci’s plague, become a national shrine to the British psyche that had become inviolable to successions of Conservative administrations with cost-cutting and small government ambitions, and is a classic target for the Katrina treatment under the cloak of the Virus Outrage’s ersatz disaster narrative.

Nor does it take much imagination to see that by ordering the NHS to refuse service to non-flu patients and so cause millions of people both damage and difficulty, and sometimes (for at least 40,000) death, the service’s popularity has taken an enormous knock, and popular respect for medics in the service is sensibly diminished, making the NHS’s previous inviolability substantially diminished.

Legal actions by activists like the Good Law Project and others against the government throw welcome light on to the cockroaches in government who have been helping themselves very nicely by wholesale abuses of the public procurement system during the Outrage. So no great leap of intellect is required to see that the privatisation of large parts of the NHS, dressed up as recovery/rationalisation, may well appear before very long, no doubt obfuscated by the viral propaganda that the media so obediently provide. I am sure Mr Gates won’t make a penny!

But Britons who have been pitched into the grotesque cruelties, damage and corruption of the Virus Outrage are actually presented with an opportunity under the law of the Shock Doctrine.

The political establishment of our country has been moving further away steadily through the last hundred years from compatibility with the interests of the people it should be serving. The qualities of Selflessness, Openness, Accountability, Integrity, Honesty, Objectivity and Leadership, have finally, with the advent of the lying and criminal administration of today, been made fugitives in public life, right across the tedious party system, that has now become wholly discredited save as a way to divide and rule. The system, sclerotic and corrupt, with a very few honourable exceptions, was due for overhaul before but has now become wholly unfit for purpose. Until now change seemed impossible. No longer.

The necessity is firstly, to deal ruthlessly and soon with this attack on our nation, preferably peacefully by way initially of a far-reaching public inquiry with powers to require prosecutions where appropriate, and with the remit to redesign our political system around individual responsibility and an end to the gangsterism of political parties. Corruption in public life already ubiquitous both directly and indirectly in connection with the Virus Fraud.

And it is necessary, secondly, to recognise the global nature of the threat that the Virus Fraud represents The development of wealth in individuals to a point where they attempt to control the conduct of our lives globally or here in Britain can not be allowed as capitalism in pursuance of the American or any other dream. Mr Gates, if he is not a dangerous psychopath, certainly pursues activity that qualify him as such. He is not alone.

It is not just Gates’ opportunity (or the chance of his UK branch manager), to shape the world we live in, but ours. All we have to do is recognise the personal responsibility that each of us has, to ourselves and our future generations, to guard that future from the evil that is scratching at the door.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans