The Trusted (ie. untrustworthy) News (ie. propaganda) Initiative (ie. conspiracy).

The latest outrage from this conniving bunch of lying criminals which includes, of course, NATO and the BBC among a host of others:

New COVID propaganda conspiracy emerges….

Facts Matter

By Roman Balmakov

Earlier this month, a massive vaccine study was published in a medical journal—only to be censored 24 hours later.

The study in question was conducted by nine medical researchers and was titled: “A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths After COVID-19 Vaccination.”

This particular study was a systematic review of many different autopsies of people who died following vaccination.

On July 5, this study was published on the Lancet Medical Journal’s pre-print server—the server where researchers can place their studies in order for them to get peer-reviewed. And according to Dr. Peter McCullough, who was the lead researcher, despite the fact that this study was experiencing “hundreds of reviews per minute,” the Lancet Medical Journal decided to pull it down.

Let’s go through the conclusions of the study, as well as the rationale (or lack thereof) for why it was pulled down.