This Attack is on Us – and that is All of Us

One of the frustrations, of the many this pivotal time has brought for me, is the way that so many in the UK are still looking at this as simply the outrageous behaviour of our present administration. All the events and the facts that we can discern among all the rubbish flooding from the media and the government shows that this is a global assault on humanity itself.

The narrative has it that the assault is by a ghastly virus. But I and very many others reject the endless cod science and lies, and consider that the assault is by a group of presently convergent interests – the New Axis – that is using crude plague terrorism to subjugate nation states and reduce national government to branch offices.

Unless we look a long way past the party politics of what is, in terms of liberal democracy, a dying national establishment, we will not see the threat clearly. Only a small minority of MPs of integrity have stood firm against the tide of intimidation and corruption that has accompanied the attack on nation states that the Virus Fraud and its attendant wokery constitutes.

There remain around the country millions of decent people of good intent who have hitherto bought into the traditional Tory/Labour version of the eternal contention of chaos and order. However the people elected to represent them no longer do so save in name. The information systems and economic levers are being brazenly hi-jacked in what is a global effort and the power of Fear is being used through an elaborate, and ultimately crude, attempt to subjugate the people. The nouveau rich of the enemy are themselves being used by the old money, and we are at the outset of what will certainly become the power struggles of the evil.

I suspect that we shall see the more visible of these horrible creatures fail spectacularly perhaps at some cost to us in lives and treasure in the medium term. Let us hope so, and let us use this time as an opportunity to rethink our systems of government to remove the right of any man to become wealthier than nations, for that has been our error. It is nothing to do with capitalism – we can have vibrant capitalism without Bill Gates and his psychopathic confreres – and everything to do with Humanity.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans