This is not a James Bond Movie

It is pretty clear that about 40% of our population is unreachable with rational facts since the advent in 2020 of the global media propaganda drive. We see egregious examples – people whose close family have died after receiving the injectates going off to get the jab themselves. You can tell such people that every single person who has has the jabs is a multiple more likely to die than those who have not – by up to 1600 times depending on age, – and although this fact is based on governments own stats, they will change the subject.

We are not even conspiracy theorists any more – we are simply not connected to this section of our fellows. It is fear-induced hypnosis.

For those who have not seen Reiner Fuellmich’s interview on Childrens Health Defence a day ago I very much recommend it. It’s the best recent summary I have seen.

What is super clear is that we face a well prepared and ruthless enemy that will delight in reducing European and other civilisation to the state of the desperate victims of the Chinese Communist Party. Do not think that you, your family, your animals or your place in the human story is safe. All are in present grave danger. The images of nets of adored cats and dogs struggling on the pavements of Shanghai as their wailing owners are removed from their homes will transport far more readily than most of us conceive.

The enemy is sophisticated in the black arts. If Schwab poses for the camera looking like a comic strip villain it is for a reason – it is to keep the plates of propaganda spinning – we must not underestimate the depth that evil can find in its motions.

Righteous anger must eventually find its way if we are to survive as a species.