This is What the Russians Say is Happening in Ukraine.

The scarcity of reliable information about what is going on in Ukraine well predates this conflict, and with the media and governments lying as fluently on the subject as they have on the Virus it has certainly got even worse.

The Russian account of the situation is in stark contrast to the screech narrative saying 40,000 Russians have been killed. You may wish to discount it entirely. Each must make up his own mind. Trust nobody is a perfectly reasonable position. However it is a data point that should not be concealed – we are not at war with Russia, however loud the warmongers shout. Let us hope do not become so.

As the situation is soon to be replicated with Taiwan it seems the warmongers are heading into very deep water.

This is what the distinguished commentator Paul Craig Roberts says was put out on 25th March by the Russian Ministry of Defense:

The results of the 1st month of the SVO from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: 

1. The offensive of the Russian troops disrupted the plans of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the DPR [Donetsk Republic] and LPR [Luhansk Republic] using artillery, missile systems and aviation. 

2. On January 22, Russian intelligence intercepted the order of [Ukrainian] General Balan about the need to complete preparations for offensive operations by February 28, so that in March the Armed Forces of Ukraine could go on the offensive [against the republics] . 

3. The [Russian] operation is progressing according to plan. The main tasks of the first stage of the operation have already been completed. 

4. The main priority remains the preservation of the lives of the civilian population. [In territory of the republics where most of the fighting is, the population is mainly Russian.] Hence the tactics of high-precision strikes against the military infrastructure and armed forces of the enemy. 

5. The [Russian] blockade of large cities ensures the fettering of the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and prevents the Ukrainian command from transferring reinforcements to the Donbass [the area of the republics]. The main operation at the moment is in the Donbass. In the DPR and LPR, 276 settlements have already been liberated. 93% of the territory of the LPR and 54% of the territory of the DPR were liberated. The group now defending in Mariupol has more than 7,000 people. 

6. Air supremacy was won by the Russian Aerospace Forces in the first two days of the operation. The organized air defense system, the Ukrainian Air Force and the Ukrainian Navy actually ceased to exist. 

7.[Russia] destroyed up to 70% of all military stocks of Ukraine as a result of systematic attacks on warehouses. Destroyed 30 key objects of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. 68% of the enterprises where military equipment was repaired have already been destroyed. At the same time, since the beginning of the NMD, the Ukrainian army has destroyed 127 bridges. 

8. All organized reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already been put into action, there are no new ones. Hence the stake on the mobilization of an untrained contingent. In Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 6,595 foreign mercenaries are fighting. 

9. Total losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the month of the operation. About 14,000 killed and about 16,000 wounded (total losses of the AFU [Armed Forces Ukraine] grouping in Donbass amount to 26% of the personnel). Out of 2416 tanks and armored fighting vehicles combat-ready as of February 24, 1587 were destroyed in a month. Out of 152 military aircraft, 112 were destroyed, out of 149 helicopters – 75, out of 36 Bayraktar TB2 drones, 35 were destroyed. Out of 180 S-300s and Buk M1 – 148, out of 300 radars for various purposes – 117. 

The Russian Defense Ministry will promptly respond to any attempts to close Ukrainian airspace for the Russian Aerospace Forces. 

10. According to the RF MoD [Russian Federation Ministry of Defense], at least 10 Ukrainian naval mines are now drifting uncontrollably in the Black Sea, posing a threat to shipping. 

11. The Russian Defense Ministry transferred captured weapons to the DPR and LPR. Among other things, 113 tanks and 138 Jevelin anti-tank systems were transferred. 

More than 23,000 applications have been received from citizens of 37 states wishing to fight for the DNR and LNR. There are also a lot of such applications from Russian citizens. 

12. Official [Russian] losses since the beginning of the NWO [the Russian intervention in Ukraine]. Killed – 1351. Wounded – 3825. 

13. The operation will continue until the full implementation of all goals.”