Today a Mouse. Tomorrow an Immortal Psychopath?

Let us consider, if you will, what drives the lunatic evil at the heart of the present global circus of death and sabotage. What gives these these creatures a future and underlies the towering megalomania the principals display so nonchalantly? What produces the desire to rid the planet of all but a few million automatised humans, apart from the selected filth?

Well, allow me to invite you to consider the possibility that the many hundreds of millions that have been invested into research companies trying to develop prevention of aging is well advanced already, and possibly a good deal further forward than the immortal mice that have already been manufactured by Harvard Medical School. The “technology” for this may well already be established in human hosts.

This piece from last year may, despite the source, have some real truth:

In any event the disturbing implications of this – already well recognised before the outing of the Globalist Conspiracy – are now such that we should probably put this activity under close monitoring. It does not take a lot of discernment to see the dire implications of people like Schwab or Gates or Soros et al continuing to infest humanity beyond their allotted span or to see that such procedures would be denied to those of the rest of us who were foolish enough to desire them.

And the way things are going, among those who claim to represent God, I would not be surprised to see the Pope giving his blessing to this sort of project. The Decline is going well, – don’t let’s postpone the Fall!