Twitter and the Vanguard of Propaganda

Can you spot the skull and crossbones?

Elon Musk deserves plaudits for shaking the stone, – and not before time, – disturbing the reptiles. It turns out that Vanguard, the biggest shareholder in Black Rock, with trillions under investment ,had got in, apparently just prior to Musk, to increase their Twitter holding to over 10%.

As one of the key financial operations under the globalist black banner, it seems they intend if possible to endorse the fascistic censorship activities of existing management, and the news of their added investment saw the shares slide as Musk’s bid comes under fire.

The spectacle of this flurry of defensive posturing makes the reality of Twitter’s deep corruption by the enemy crystal clear to the meanest intelligence. Schwab and his chums will cling to legacy media control with ever-increasing desperation, even though the number of people awakening to the reality of what has been done is accelerating by the day.

Were Musk to win this takeover it would be a real hammer-blow to the evil, and we can be sure that they will do whatever is necessary to prevent that outcome. But the spectacle already tells a story to anyone who cares to look and enjoy the discomforture of men who richly deserve discomfort!