UK Government plays Soldiers with Others’ Lives

The perversion of right-living has drenched our national reputation.

Somewhere, in the marketing department of British and French arms manufacturers there is a creepy section that dreams up marketing labels for new ways of killing people. The results of their efforts may now be see in the back-yards of the Kiev regime. Tremble, you Russian people, – Rishi Sunak has sent his “Storm Shadows” to darken your borderlands! Not a meaningless car label, but a harbinger’s moniker. Missiles of medium to long range, just the thing for propagating the extent of a war.

The distinguishing mark of our parasites in government is their lack of backbone and, just like all cowards, they love to play doughty generals with the lives and livings of others. They are a disgrace to Britain and to humanity, playing with truth and duty, bolstering the most corrupt regime in modern European history on behalf of the Neocon war project and its drooling master.

Not in my name.