Unpalatable Truth for the Jabbed

The waves of mortality from the Pfizer jab rollout in the US. 80% of the dots are along the X axis at rthe bottom. The dots represent batches, and the Y axis toxicity by result. – per Pardekooper. Note the apparent phasing of toxic batches.

If you have had the jabs you are a victim. A victim of a criminal assault that has caused damage to you that, with present knowledge, is irreversible.

The latest Swedish study confirms that the jabs alter your DNA within a matter of hours. The results are only just beginning to emerge in the catastrophic increase in disease liberated to ravage as immunity is compromised, and of course mortality and injury – 168 cases of total blindness in the UK, for example.

Among other horrific data we are now told that the chances of miscarriage among jabbed women rises by over 1700%.

The best guess at the present time, based on the Pardekooper study and others, is that 80% of the jabs are at the lower end of toxicity; what the long-term effects are going to be are yet to be discerned in this large group. The other 20% vary in toxicity right up to 100% fatal.

Each of us must look at what has been happening and make up their own minds as to what must now be done. My own view is clear, that we are living under the threat of evil that has hi-jacked our governmental systems and created a juggernaut of corruption and lies – endless lies to cozen its victims into further cooperation to their own mortal detriment.

The only virus we have to fear is what brags as globalism. It is nothing of the sort. It is old-fashioned Satan over-reaching as he always does. Our best defence is our understanding and our white-hot righteous anger. Each of us knows people whose lives have been made misery by fear and by illness from this. Let there be no debate with evil. Let us scorn it and turn to Life – for they are not Life, but Death.