I have just been reflecting on a comment I made on an article by Carl Bildt crying up the value of globalisation in 2017 in Project Syndicate. It is not as though the Virus was a levin-flash of light to many of us as to what has been happening for a long time.

Feb 19, 2017

“Well, you would say that, wouldn’t you? I prefer to ask how much more prosperous the world would be today had the small uber-rich and unaccountable group who have claimed the mantle of globalists (in insult to the planet and its inhabitants) had not been calling the shots for the last half century. Oxfam points out that today 8 people own more assets than half the world’s population, and the Middle East has been turned into a conflict engine for profit. Western populations have been frightened into allowing the development of police state conditions everywhere on the supposed major threat of terrorism, when in reality for example 9 people a year over the last decade on average have died at the hands of Islamic terrorists in the States while 11,700 have been killed by fellow citizens. None of that is either capitalism or in the real sense globalism; it is a drive towards the enslavement of populations.If we have prospered at all it is by just enough for the juggernaut of the New World Oligarchy to progress their plans. Fortunately they have misjudged things at the eleventh hour and we must embrace the Manichean conflict which has already seen the outriders engaged. There is much – everything – to lose.”

The misjudgement that I referred to then was the arrogance that led to the American people to vote against the Clinton Project. The result was an even more vast over-reach, and one which I believe will ultimately see evil back to the slime from which it it has emerged in desperate, scrabbling ambition. How many more innocents will die or suffer before that happens we do not know, but the end is not in doubt.

Blue Tara by Joss Wynne Evans