VAERS Data Shows Collusion Between Jab Makers and Variations of Toxicity That are Non-Random. AKA Criminal Conspiracy.

Craig Paardekooper

Craig Paardekooper, from Kingston University, has been doing truly remarkable work on the VAERS data, marshalling millions of data points, and has charted a roller coaster of adverse events patterns, not random, but highly variable. They go up and down, forming patterns. He is able to show that the jab makers had done a dosing regimen where the earliest ones had highest toxicity, some a lot less toxic. It shows these companies are working in concert so they do not interfere with each other’s results. The toxicities are very specific, and they come sequentially.

This Video posted below from Craig’s Bitchute site is revealing.

The results are pointing to significant variations in the formulations of each of the manufacturers products over time, with some batches lethal and others less so. This is of course in contrast to their assurances of consistency in production.

I am indebted to Celia Farber for originally pointing me to this. The efforts of the bad guys to suppress this have been significant.

Here’s a US commentary on this:

The implications of these results are huge. The case against the manufacturers and their friends is closing in.